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What are the most dangerous roads in the San Antonio area?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2024 | Car Accidents

San Antonio is a thriving Metropolitan region. There are hundreds of businesses and tens of thousands of residents. There are also numerous tourists and business visitors on any given day, many of whom use public roads to travel the region.

The surface streets and highways around San Antonio see a constant stream of traffic. A small percentage of the vehicles traveling through the region end up involved in collisions. Statistically, certain roads are more likely than others to see numerous crashes and more severe collisions. Tracking those trends can help local drivers keep themselves safer. According to research into collision data, some streets see far more crashes and fatal collisions than others.

Many factors influence crash risk

When looking at locations where the highest number of collisions occur in San Antonio, there are certain trends. Roads near the downtown area tend to see the highest volume of traffic and therefore are at elevated risk of having a high number of collisions. Highways, interstates and other roads with higher speed limits also tend to produce worse collisions than surface streets with lower speed limits.

I-35, particularly between downtown and Live Oak, tends to see many severe and fatal collisions. Culebra Road is also highly dangerous. The stretch from N. Navidad Street to Callaghan Road sees a larger number of fatal pedestrian crashes and vehicle collisions. The road also has a large number of crashes reported west of 410.

San Pedro Avenue between Nova Mae and W. Rector Drive also sees many car crashes and pedestrian collisions. So does West Ave between Clower Street and Basswood Drive. W. Commerce Street, W. Market Street downtown and Guadalupe Street have all been home to numerous severe and fatal crashes in recent years.

US Highway 90 is also one of the more dangerous streets in San Antonio. Interstate 10 is similarly dangerous, with crashes reported along the entire stretch that passes through San Antonio. U.S. 281 is another crash-prone thoroughfare. Interstate 410 also sees many fatal crashes and pedestrian collisions.

Drivers who must utilize one of these more dangerous roads need to be aware of the risk for their safety and the safety of others and drive even more defensively than usual accordingly. Learning about crash statistics in the San Antonio area may help people avoid contributing to them whenever possible.