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If you have serious personal injuries from any kind of accident in San Antonio, you have a few issues to consider once the bills start to come in. When an accident isn’t your fault, the injuries associated with that accident shouldn’t be your responsibility.

At Mack Injury Attorneys, our attorneys are consistently able to take on the most difficult aspects of these cases for you. We understand the legal pressure you’re under and work hard to take that pressure off you and put it where it belongs: the party responsible for your injuries. We’ve been working as personal injury lawyers in San Antonio for more than ten years, and we’re ready to get to work for you.

Common Accidents We Take On For San Antonio

Personal injuries can come in many different forms. Our personal injury lawyers have served San Antonio residents in pursuing compensation for any type of accident, including:

  • Slip and falls: Trips and slips in public areas where the assumption is that the area is clear and safe for you to walk.
  • Dog bites: Any time a dog attacks a person, Texas law holds the dog’s owner accountable for their actions.
  • Car crashes: Car accidents are some of the most common types of accidents, and they lead to devastating injuries.
  • Inadequate security: Places such as hotels or parking garages have a duty to keep their premises secure against violence and criminal activity.

When you’ve suffered an injury or loss because another party didn’t’ take adequate steps, you need assistance from a legal team with insight and strength, like Mack Injury Attorneys.

The greatest hurdle you’ll face to recovering what you deserve is an insurance company looking to spend as little as possible. We will fight to ensure your voice is heard and your injuries are respected at all costs.

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