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Did A Hair Relaxer Product Contribute To Your Cancer Diagnosis? A Lawyer Can Help You Seek Justice.

Hair relaxer companies often use brightly colored packaging to grab the shoppers attention without adequately testing the product or warning consumers about possible health risks.

When consumers use a major brand name chemical hair relaxer from L’Oreal or other cosmetic companies, they trust that the ingredients are safe. They trust that they will not suffer a physical injury or illness. However, many people who used hair relaxers are now suffering from the effect carcinogenic chemicals, this is a very scary reality.

At Mack Injury Attorneys, we represent hair stylists, salon clients and many other people throughout Texas who suffered negative consequences as the result of exposure to chemical hair relaxers. Whether your case involves an individual lawsuit or a mass tort, our team of attorneys is more than capable of fighting for your right to receive compensation.

The Dangers Of Hair Relaxers: What To Know

Many hair relaxers contain carcinogenic ingredients – or, ingredients that cause cancer. Some of the most common of these carcinogenic chemicals are:

  • Phthalates (plasticizers)
  • Lye (sodium hydroxide)
  • Guanidine carbonate
  • Succinic acid
  • Formaldehyde
  • Placenta protein

Many of these substances are hiding in the fragrances of hair relaxers. In 2022, the National Cancer Institute released groundbreaking research indicating that women exposed to these endocrine disruptors through chemical hair relaxers had a significantly higher risk of:

  • Ovarian cancer
  • Uterine cancer
  • Endometrial cancer

The majority of victims affected are Black women, as this demographic makes up the majority of chemical hair straightener users. Some of the companies and products at fault include:

  • Dark & Lovely
  • Ultra Sheet
  • ORS Olive Oil Hair Relaxer
  • Just For Me
  • Motions
  • L’Oréal
  • Namaste, LLC
  • TCB Naturals/Godrej Consumer Products
  • Strength of Nature Global, LLC

These are just a few examples of the many companies and products whose ingredients have caused untold harm toward Black women and many other unsuspecting consumers.


Hair relaxer companies often use brightly colored packaging to grab the shoppers attention without adequately testing the product or warning consumers about possible health risks.

Hair relaxer companies often use brightly colored packaging to grab the shoppers attention without adequately testing the product or warning consumers about possible health risks. The packaging is at times marketed towards children and teens.

Am I Eligible For This Hair Relaxer Lawsuit?

You could possibly recover compensation for your damages by joining this class action lawsuit. You may qualify if you:

  1. Used any relaxer that contained formaldehyde or phthalates
  2. Used it at for personal or commercial use at least four times in a 12-month period
  3. Have a medical diagnosis of uterine, endometrial, or ovarian cancer, or uterine fibroids that required surgical intervention
  4. Received your diagnosis one or more years after your first use of the relaxer

You do not need proof of purchase of the hair relaxer to have an actionable claim. However, you do need extensive medical records to prove your diagnosis and damages.

Why Choose Mack For Your Hair Relaxer Case?

Mack Injury Attorneys currently represents more than 200 women in their individual claims and class action claims against hair relaxer companies. The firm is currently one of the leading firms in the state in the sheer number of clients represented in lawsuits of this kind. Because of this incredible breadth of experience, we know exactly how to approach your individual case: which medical records to look for, which other details are relevant and which laws are on your side in the fight against negligent cosmetic companies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Relaxer Lawsuits

Word is just getting out about the dangers of hair relaxers and their overall connection to reproductive cancers. Here are answers to some of the most common questions our attorneys are asked.

Who can file a lawsuit for hair relaxer products?

Anyone who believes they have suffered harm or injury due to using a hair relaxer product may potentially have grounds to file a lawsuit. This could include consumers and salon workers affected by the products. In general, these lawsuits apply to people who have used hair relaxer products and later developed endometrial and/or uterine cancer.

How much money do you get from hair relaxer lawsuits?

The amount of money you might receive from a hair relaxer lawsuit can vary widely. It all depends on the specifics of your case, such as the extent of the harm you have suffered, your medical expenses, any lost wages that are involved and other damages.

Settlement amounts or court-awarded damages are determined on a case-by-case basis, which is why it is so essential to have an experienced advocate on your side. A lawyer can determine the true value of your claim and argue for the maximum compensation you are due.

What is the hair relaxer lawsuit statute of limitations?

In Texas, the statute of limitations on a personal injury claim is typically just two years from the date of injury. However, in cases where a toxic product is involved, the statute of limitations begins with the discovery of the harm (or when that harm should reasonably have been discovered). This can make it difficult to understand when a claim must be filed, and why it is so essential to seek early legal guidance that’s specific to your situation.

Which hair relaxers cause cancer?

Some of the most commonly named brands in lawsuits include:

  • L’Oreal
  • Dark & Lovely
  • SoftSheen
  • Strength of Nature
  • Namaste
  • African Pride
  • ORS Hair Care
  • Just For Me

However, many other brands may be cited. Do not assume you cannot file a claim because the hair relaxer you used is not listed above.

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