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Representing Your Interests In Mass Tort Lawsuits

Manufacturers have a responsibility to make sure that the products they are offering to consumers are safe. If a company is making a product for mass distribution, consumers should be allowed to expect that it is safe. When a product isn’t safe and causes damages or injuries to the people who use it, there may be cause for a mass tort lawsuit. At Mack Injury Attorneys, we protect consumers throughout Texas by taking on manufacturers and large companies when they fail in their responsibilities to produce safe products.

What Is A Mass Tort?

A “tort” is a legal term for a civil wrong (which could be an act or an omission) that causes damage, loss or harm to another and creates a legal responsibility and liability for the responsible party. A mass tort is an act or omission that causes damage, harm or injury to a lot of people. Examples of mass torts include:

  • Explosions that cause damage and injure many people
  • Commercial plane crashes
  • Groundwater contamination that was a result of toxic waste not being disposed of properly
  • Pollution from a factory that failed to meet safety standards
  • Products in the marketplace that cause harm to many people
  • Defective products that don’t work as intended, or break down over time and cause damage

When a large number of people are injured because of someone else’s wrongdoing, there may be a claim for a mass tort. At Mack Injury Attorneys, we handle all types of personal injury lawsuits, including product liability claims and industry accident cases, and sometimes these may include mass torts. We have the experience and resources to thoroughly investigate and seek justice against wrongdoers.

What Is the Difference Between A Mass Tort Lawsuit And A Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is a single action against a wrongdoer. There are specific procedures that have to be followed to certify a class for a class action lawsuit. In a mass tort, there are multiple lawsuits or groups of lawsuits against a wrongdoer. Usually, in a mass tort lawsuit, those who were injured have different variations of injuries and damages.

Chemical Hair Straightener And Hair Relaxer Lawsuits: Hair-Straightening Chemicals And Uterine Cancer

In October 2022, a research study was published by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute announcing a link between the use of hair-straightening or hair relaxing chemicals and uterine or endometrial cancer. While uterine cancer is rare, its numbers are rising across the United States. The preliminary study revealed that women who reported using hair-straightening chemicals more than four times per year were more than two times as likely to develop a rare uterine cancer than those who did not use hair-straightening chemicals at all.

In addition, the research revealed that uterine cancer and its aggressive subtypes disproportionately affected Black women. However, any woman of any nationality who used hair-straightening chemicals was subject to an increased risk of developing uterine cancer. As a result, mass tort actions against companies like L’Oreal and other hair product manufacturers are on the rise.

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