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People in McAllen and across the southern Texas region have injuries on a regular basis. The problem with most personal injuries is how complicated it is to get your bills resolved once you’ve been hurt. The process is complex by design, and you need experienced help to find your way through it.

At Mack Injury Attorneys, our personal injury attorneys have been there for McAllen for the last ten years. We’re dedicated to listening to the people who turn to us and pursuing the compensation they deserve. We understand the law in Texas and how to take on even the most complex claims.

Why Choose Our Law Firm?

The reason to choose one personal injury firm over another will always be a personal one. It resolves around what you want from the people who will pursue your car accident or slip and fall claim. Here’s what we offer you:

  • Personalized strategies: Your personal injury case, from a dog bite to a car crash to a slip and fall, is going to revolve around your personal situation. Your pain. Your perspective. You need lawyers who will tailor your case to you.
  • Consistent contact: One of the worst things about any personal injury case is not knowing where you stand or what’s coming next. We make every effort to provide you with timely, thorough updates as your case develops.
  • Strength in litigation: We are trial-tested attorneys who fight in and out of the courtroom regularly. People across McAllen and southern Texas have learned to respect our powerful courtroom presence.
  • Compassion for your situation: Nothing about your injuries, your bills, or even the necessity of your case to get compensation is fair. We get that this is the last thing you wanted. We will fight all that much harder for you.

Our experience and knowledge of the court system in McAllen can make a tangible impact on your case.

Move Fast For Your Compensation

One question we get often is, “How soon do I need to file a lawsuit?” and the answer in Texas is clear: two years from the date of the accident. Even though the statute of limitations is two years, you need to move quickly. You would be shocked at how fast time can move when you’re recovering from injuries and dealing with the stresses of the personal injury compensation system.

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