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What happens when a parent who has small kids ends up hurt?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2023 | Personal Injury

Raising children is not an easy task. For many modern families, raising healthy and happy children often requires the around-the-clock efforts of at least one dedicated adult. Some families hire professionals to assist with childcare. Other times, parents divide responsibilities and continue working.

In some families, one parent will choose to stay home, giving up their earning potential and career development to raise their children. A stay-at-home parent may provide transportation and developmental enrichment. They may organize and manage the household and meet all of the ever-changing needs of their children. Their near-constant efforts may significantly benefit their children and increase the standard of living for the entire family.

It only takes a moment for a car crash to drastically alter a family’s situation. When a stay-at-home parent ends up injured and unable to care for the children, that change could mean drastic economic adjustments for the household.

Unpaid services are worth a lot of money

When filing an insurance claim or considering a personal injury lawsuit after a car crash, establishing the economic impact of someone’s injuries is of the utmost importance. Property damage losses and medical expenses are among the costs that contribute to the value of an injury claim, but they are far from the only losses that have an economic impact.

Researchers estimate that a stay-at-home parent’s work would command a salary of just under $180,000 each year if they received pay for all of the work that they performed. Therefore, outsourcing their labor to professional providers will likely create significant financial hardship for the family. It may be possible to claim the cost to replace an injured parent’s uncompensated labor around the home after a major car crash.

Although the money won’t reduce the stress for the family, it can at least ensure that they can meet the needs of dependent family members after a parent’s injury in a car crash. Families should not have to accept significant hardship after a collision caused by another party. Pursuing an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit can potentially reduce the lasting financial impact that a collision has on a household.