At Mack, we’ve got your back.

Seguin Personal Injury Lawyers

Seguin is one of the smaller cities in Texas, but that doesn’t mean that the people there are any less likely to get into an accident. People here have every right to demand fair compensation for their injuries, but that is easier said than done.

At Mack Injury Attorneys, our attorneys have had our clients in Seguin’s backs for more than ten years. Insurance companies do not want to pay out for injuries. They find many ways to get around paying, and that puts the people of Seguin in a tough spot when it comes to their medical bills. But our lawyers understand their tactics and fight back.

How We Fight Back Against Insurance Companies

The very first thing we try to do with all of our clients in Seguin and across Guadalupe County is control information. You will have to talk to an insurance company at some point, but you want to say as little as possible when an adjuster speaks with you. So it’s in your best interests to contact us if you’ve:

  • Been in a car crash
  • Have an injury from a dog attack
  • Slipped and fell at a grocery store
  • Been injured after a motorcycle accident

Once we get involved, we pay close attention to you and your recovery and track each procedure you undergo. We get to work gathering evidence and speaking to witnesses.

More than that, we take the lead in every interaction you have with the insurance company. Because we know the law, we also understand how the law can be twisted to make it seem like you deserve less for your injuries. We do not accept that treatment and strongly advocate for you at every turn.

We Understand How The Seguin Court System Works

For more than ten years, we’ve been working in courtrooms across Texas, including here in Seguin and Guadalupe County. We work regularly before the judges there and know how they prefer to hear cases. We know how to craft an argument that is successful before every court in the district.

Our team is on your side from beginning to end. We are ready to get to work and won’t back down from a fight. Call 888-978-9302 for your free consultation or send an email using this online form.