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What hair relaxer products are involved in our defective product lawsuit?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2023 | Hair Relaxers

When you reach for a commercial hair product made by a big-name company, you probably assume that the products are safe for human use – but that’s not necessarily so.

Chemical hair relaxers have been marketed to people of color (and Black women, in particular) for decades, despite the fact that they contain known carcinogens, like formaldehyde, lye (sodium hydroxide), succinic acid and guanidine carbonate. All-too-often, those products were marketed toward consumers without adequate safety testing or any kind of warnings regarding their potential dangers.

An appalling practice, for which Black women are paying the price

There’s been a backlash in recent years against the subjugation of natural Black hair in favor of stereotypically White beauty standards, especially in the workplace, the shift comes far too late for many women. An 11-year study has definitively linked hair straightening products, unlike standard hair dyes, highlights and perms, to uterine cancer. Women who have used chemical hair straighteners are twice as likely as those who don’t to develop uterine cancer, a diagnosis that is devastating to both them and their loved ones.

Mack Injury Attorneys currently represent more than 200 women in both individual and class action suits against companies that have marketed these dangerous products to unsuspecting consumers. Some of the companies involved include:

  • Strength of Nature Global, LLC
  • Dark & Lovely
  • TCB Naturals/Godrej Consumer Products
  • Ultra Sheet
  • Namaste, LLC
  • ORS Olive Oil Hair Relaxer
  • L’Oréal
  • Just For Me
  • Motions

As you can see, we’re unafraid to take on even the biggest names in the industry – largely because they’ve done the most harm and have the most to answer for the consumers who have been harmed by their indifference.

Under product liability laws, manufacturers and distributors of dangerously defective products can be held accountable for the injuries that those products cause. If you’ve developed uterine, ovarian or endometrial cancer or uterine fibroids that required surgery, you may have a claim. It’s your right to seek legal guidance in order to learn more about your legal options.